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STARLING Team Software:

Everything for team behavior change in one place

Cockpit overview

DURVT+ platform

Behavioral change succeeds when teams change together by learning to demonstrate small behavioral changes in a routine. Our software makes that easy.

But of course that doesn't mean that teams have to do it on their own. Our DURVT+ support platform is packed with inspiration and offers space for all kinds of questions and experiences.


Through the Cockpit you have a 24/7 view of behavioral development and the routine of measuring - discussing - applying behavior in all your teams. Understanding the behavior of the teams enables an organization to take appropriate actions and provide the right kind of support. 


When it comes to behavior, twelve themes determine the success of teams. Because strong teams require both hard and soft team behavior, both underlie the framework in our software.

The Teamscan helps teams uncover their development potential on these themes, allowing teams to make targeted behavioral changes that have both an impact on realizing their ambitions and that suit the teams.

Heartbeat rating

Teams break patterns by replacing them with new habits in a set routine. The power of the small step is important here. With the heartbeat rating, teams measure and discuss their team behavior in a set routine as part of their everyday work.

Teams measure and discuss team behavior from a 'we' perspective. The power of the collective of the team is stronger than the individual and it shifts the mindset from 'I' to 'we'.

This is what teams say

"When we started, our team was like loose sand. Everyone had their own activities and we celebrated successes on our own. We decided to discuss our roles. It meant having the nerve to say out loud a task belongs with someone else.
Through the Heartbeat rating, we also learned to discuss other difficult topics together. We ended up quitting all of our 1-on-1 meetings and our team no longer talks behind someone's back. We have a new way of working, allowing us to truly work together.
The great thing about the Heartbeat rating? It is a stepping stone reminding is in everyday life what we have agreed on. It works all week long!"

Gretha Woort | Municipality Urk

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